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Wings Through TimeWings Through Times

Take control of five different planes and fly through aviation history in this simple, arcade-like game in 3D!

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How long can you fly before time runs out?

Start off the game by piloting the Wright brother's 1903 airplane from the world's first successful flight.

Fly through time and pilot outstanding aircraft

Explore Bombardier's classic airplanes from pioneer LearJet to the Global 7500 business jet. Take a peek at the future with the next generation space aircraft.

Wright Flyer - World's first successful airplane
Learjet - Business light jet from the Bombardier family
CRJ900 - Bombardier regional aircraft solution
Global 8000 - Luxurious business jet maximizing comfort and productivity
Bombardier is continuously delivering innovating next-gen aircraft to the world

Collect timers and dodge clouds

Collect timers and reach as far as you can to increase your score.

Take off from Montreal and land in Paris

Start from Bombardier's home ground and land in the city of light.