The World's Most Modern Turboprop

The robust Q400, the world’s most modern turboprop, has been honed to perfection, allowing families, businesses and communities to stay connected. The Q400, the latest in the Q Series family, provides unmatched performance and operational flexibility. Designed as a modern, 21st-century turboprop, it entered service in the year 2000. With a dispatch reliability rate of over 99.5%, the aircraft has transported about 400 million passengers worldwide. And, thanks to its industry-leading passenger experience, operating costs and environmental footprint, the Q400 is the pinnacle of a modern turboprop, making a great machine even greater. 

Advanced Propulsion


The Newest Spin on Propulsion

With nearly twice the horsepower of conventional turboprops, the 5,071 shp PW150A is the most advanced commercial turboprop engine available today. Featuring Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), centralized diagnostics and low fuel consumption and emissions, the engine allows the Q400 aircraft to offer significantly lower operating and maintenance costs.

The Q400 aircraft features six-bladed, all-composite Dowty propellers that deliver more thrust and less noise than propellers turning at higher revolutions per minute (RPM).

Composite Propeller Benefits

  • Low weight, high strength
  • Freedom from corrosion
  • High resistance to fatigue
  • Damage-tolerant, and easily repairable
  • On-hub blade replacement
  • Balance data collected by NVS

Advanced Flight Deck

Cockpit Q400 NextGen_crop

The cockpit of the Q400 aircraft is fitted with an advanced avionics suite from Thales. With less weight and fewer parts, the 5-screen LCD cockpit offers pilots enhanced situational awareness and flexibility than older technology avionics.

The Q400 aircraft’s avionics suite also features a centralized diagnostic system to help pilots and mechanics quickly resolve problems. The modular design makes the system easy to upgrade and add optional equipment and capabilities like:

  • Thales V810 with five-screen EFIS/EICAS 
  • UNS-1E FMS single or dual 
  • Traffic alert & collision avoidance system (TCAS) v7.1
  • Capabilities: Coupled VNAV, SBAS/WAAS LPV, RNP AR, ADS-B Out, EGPWS, ACARS, HGS, MicroQAR, Class 2 EFB

Active Noise & Vibration Suppression

Passengers enjoy a quieter cabin thanks to the Q400’s unique Active noise and Vibration Suppression system, which results in noise levels lower than those of some jets. The unique ANVS (Active Noise and Vibration Suppression) system renders noise and vibration levels below those of even some jets—technology that represents a leap forward for turboprops. No wonder the “Q” stands for Quiet.