Whether you need quick-response problem solving, engineering expertise, or a tailored plan to get the most from your aircraft, our Customer Services team has you covered every step of the way.

Our support commitment extends across borders and time zones, giving you access to 24/7 support by specialists based at our Customer Response Centres in Toronto (Q Series) and Mirabel (CRJ Series and C Series). It is here that we coordinate our response among support personnel around the world - many based out of Regional Support Offices that provide us with a local base of operations.


24 ⁄ 7 Support


Regional Support Offices

Our Regional Support Offices (RSOs) combine global coverage with local know-how. Our strategically-located teams, comprised of both technical and supply chain specialists, are on hand to respond on time, every time. With a thorough understanding of local conditions from climate to logistics, they’re able to provide all-important insight and assistance, within the same time zone.

Our offices are located in: Johannesburg, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia; Munich, Germany; Delhi, India; Moscow, Russia; Singapore, and Dubai, UAE.


Technical Publications

Our Technical Publications team is focused on providing you with timely documentation updates and comprehensive support during the aircraft delivery process, then maintaining that level of quality in service. With experienced technical writers, illustrators and publishing experts, we are committed to providing complete and accurate technical documentation to keep your operation running smoothly.

Documents are available in a number of formats, ranging from paper to web-based options that are delivered through the Online Technical Publications system and allow for the integration of operator documentation in a controlled manner.


Supplier Management

Providing world-class performance and competitiveness and establishing a track record of excellence and innovation requires strong collaboration across our value chain. That’s why we work with the highest-performing suppliers to build partnerships based on performance, trust, and respect for our customers.

Our suppliers share our focus on delivering superior engineering, quality and supply chain excellence, and are driven to be the best in their field. Their rigour allows us to concentrate on what we do best – designing and manufacturing leading-edge aircraft at optimal life-cycle cost, while providing an amazing customer experience.

Our suppliers add tangible value to our aircraft solutions and customer service. Together, we are committed to surpassing our customers’ expectations.

Our mission is to deliver world-class services for your Bombardier commercial aircraft. So while our supply base is made up of approximately 3,000 suppliers located in roughly 20 countries, we are always seeking new opportunities to optimize that base.

If you have questions for our Supplier Management team, contact:


Warranty Administration

We know your time is critical to you in this business. With this in mind, we endeavour to adjudicate all warranty claims as per contracts in a timely and fair manner. For customer ease and convenience, all claims can be submitted via the logged-in section of

Warranty claim forms can be found on the secured section of under Parts. If you require access to the secured site, please click on “Register” and apply for an account.



Today, there are no more excuses when it comes to providing operators with quick, efficient solutions that keep their fleet at the head of the pack. This is why we put such value on our eServices portfolio.

This begins with our customer web portal. Launched to coincide with the C Series aircraft’s entry into service, this portal gives you access to technical documents, training material, and other vital data, all at your fingertips.

It continues with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, which provides customers instantaneous fleet status and progress on all customer commitments, drastically reducing response times globally.

By utilizing these services, our customers are able to find what they are looking for quickly, resolve their issue, and keep their aircraft flying.


Start Up Support and Solutions

When you take home your Bombardier commercial aircraft for the first time, you want to get it into service and flying successfully as soon as it arrives. That’s why we designed our Start-up Support program. Start-up Support provides both flight and maintenance support of aircraft operations, preparing your team for everything you need to run your operation smoothly. Our team is ready to transfer our strongest sources of technical knowledge to your new operation, ensuring a successful start and a strong future.

Technical Expertise


Customer Response Centres

Your operation is moving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You need support that does the same.

Bombardier’s Customer Response Centres (CRC), based in Montreal and Toronto, are standing at the ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide comprehensive, live support. Specializing in urgent “Aircraft on Ground” (AOG) situations as well as routine queries, our experts will provide immediate support to troubleshoot your aircraft. Wherever you fly, the CRC team rapidly actions requests to return your aircraft to service as quickly as possible.

Real-time audio and video links connect experts across our CRC network to deliver fully integrated cross-functional support. From your first call for assistance, we ensure the right people are involved to swiftly resolve any issue. Our front-line teams are co-located in order to provide you with rapid, comprehensive solutions.

Managing Your Out-of-Service Events
In our CRCs, rows of LED displays provide complete visibility of all Out of Service events, including current status of Out of Service aircraft, technical requests, and related AOG parts orders. This provides a comprehensive overview of your event, and enables us to make real-time decisions for speedy problem resolution.


Mobile Repair Team

Our Mobile Repair Team (MRT) specializes in the repair of all Bombardier aircraft types. We deploy highly-trained teams tailored to your repair needs any­where in the world, giving you total confidence that your aircraft will be quickly repaired to the highest OEM standards.

Our experienced team is supported by highly-skilled engineers and technical specialists, and our parts services team ensure that your repair is executed to an agreed plan, on budget. Our MRT can turn repairs around faster than anyone else in the industry, with the high degree of quality that you expect from your OEM.

Our total project management approach provides you with:

  • Structural repair
  • Aircraft recovery
  • Repair estimates
  • Daily schedule reporting and project duration forecasting
  • Reduced time out of service

To learn more about how the MRT can be at your door when you need them the most, contact


Maintenance Engineering Solutions

Your operation is not set up to run exactly the same as your competitors’; so why would some OEMs treat you as if it were?

Our Maintenance Engineering Solutions are personally tailored to suit your specific needs, from an optimized maintenance program and personalized planning recommendations, to reliability data analysis that utilizes our specialized techniques to help you get the most out of your aircraft.

We also know that by implementing best practices from across the industry, you can further strengthen your own operations. This is why we believe in enhanced aircraft economics through the sharing of processes that work.

We work with airlines around the world to help them achieve the highest level of aircraft availability and reliability, at the lowest operating cost. After all, it’s not enough to just keep your aircraft flying; they need to be flying competitively, day in and day out.

Our Maintenance Engineering Solutions team is made up of a dedicated team of expert, customer-first professionals utilizing competitive strategies to ensure superior levels of aircraft economics. Our mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction. 



Vital data, immediately in the palm of your hand. That’s what you get from the FlightLink aircraft health management system.

The FlightLink system leverages the vast amount of data recorded and transmitted from Bombardier commercial aircraft, utilizing a simple, easy-to-use web-based interface.

It works by taking data from aircraft during flight, running that data through Bombardier’s expert data management system, and sending the results directly to the customer. This allows operators to make intelligent decisions on aircraft performance and maintenance, optimizing aircraft availability and lowering maintenance costs.

Its real-time monitoring feature allows customers to track their aircraft while it’s still flying, providing instant data to their teams on the ground and leading to timely, educated decisions. This also reduces manpower requirements to manage data to and on the aircraft, saving airlines time and money.

The FlightLink system can analyze data based on pre-defined metrics, or be customized to focus on specific analytics chosen by the customer. It can also be customized for a specific aircraft, or an operator’s worldwide fleet.


Flight Operations Solutions

Your Flight Operations team is at the heart of your operation each and every day. That’s why our Flight Operations Solutions are there to support you throughout the life cycle of your aircraft. Our customer liaison pilots and flight operations engineers are active in the engineering development process, using their expert knowledge of your aircraft to ensure it will fly the way you need it to.

After your pilots have completed ground school and simulator training, our team can provide additional local training in your very own aircraft. Additional customer support is provided through flight documentation review, operational guidance, our Flight Operations Steering Committees, and on-site support. Our Customer Liaison Pilots are qualified on all Bombardier CRJ Series, Q Series and C Series aircraft.

Our Flight Operations group provides hands-on care to your airline flight operations and performance engineer teams, including training and consulting services, to ensure that your airline benefits from the peak performance we can provide.


Product Enhancements and Service Bulletins

Taking your aircraft home should not be the peak moment of its lifecycle. In Bombardier Commercial Aircraft Customer Services, we believe that if you’re not constantly improving, you’re falling behind. Our innovative offerings, available throughout the life of your aircraft, are designed to keep you operating at top performance.

As we continue to strive towards releasing further product enhancements and regular Service Bulletins, we do so with you in mind. It’s our job to provide you with a world-class experience long past the day you take your aircraft home, and that’s a duty that we take very seriously.