Customer Services

Our Mission

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft Customer Services’ mission is to deliver global service solutions to keep our customers flying competitively.

The Bombardier FlightAdvantage

The Bombardier FlightAdvantage is rooted in the unmatched benefits that come with working alongside the team that knows your aircraft best, and operates daily with a customer-first mentality. It’s what you get when you utilize our unmatched expertise, experience, and passion for your aircraft. It’s world-class support, worldwide.

The Bombardier FlightAdvantage

Supporting more than 2,700 aircraft that carry more than 200 million passengers annually is not a responsibility we take lightly. 

That’s why our Customer Services team has been assembled from the outside in, built with a customer-first mentality that is focused on providing you with an advantage over your competitors.

Our team of 2,000+ believes in proving each and every day that when you trust in us, you reap the benefits. Our Purpose is to demonstrate the unparalleled value of our offerings, and the advantages of trusting in us to get the job done. Our Promise is to utilize our world-class experience, skills and support to provide a customer-first experience every day. Our Objective is to offer an experience so trustworthy, professional and familiar that we become your #1 choice, every time.

The foundation of The Bombardier FlightAdvantage is comprised of our Five Key Components, providing your operation value that cannot be replicated elsewhere. They are: 

  • Product Expertise: As your OEM, we specialize in knowing your product inside and out. 
  • Always-on Support: Our dedicated teams work around the clock to ensure your aircraft are where you need them; flying. We leverage our global network to satisfy your requirements daily.
  • Incomparable Experience: We’ve been here since the moment your aircraft entered service, working daily to optimize your operations. We have the experience you can rely on.
  • Innovative Offerings: We know that the industry is constantly changing, and that you need to stay ahead of the curve. Our teams are constantly developing, deploying and enhancing our services to make this happen.
  • Hands-on Care: We’re there with you, providing the world-class service you expect. We use our strategically-located facilities and teams to be by your side whenever and wherever you need us.

You also need to find what you’re looking for, and fast. This is why we have separated our Customer Services offerings into four business streams: Support, Training, Maintenance, and Material. We’re aware that on the job, every second counts. We created these streams and a means of navigating them with this in mind.

We know that when it comes to your Bombardier commercial aircraft, you want a professional, passionate team of experts and world-class services to keep you flying above the pack. I trust that when you experience The Bombardier FlightAdvantage for yourself, you’ll never look back.

Todd Young
Vice President & General Manager, Customer Services & Q400 Aircraft Program