AMG (Pre-Owned Aircraft)

Out-of-Production Commercial Aircraft



As the world's most popular and fuel-efficient 50-seat regional jet, previously owned CRJ100/200 aircraft provide exceptional operating costs and the benefits of commonality within the CRJ700/900/1000 family.

With nearly 1,900 aircraft ordered, the twin-turbofan powered CRJ Series has established itself as the world’s quietest and most environmentally friendly regional jet aircraft.

From single "point-to-point" to complex fleet network applications, the CRJ Series family of used aircraft continue to enjoy secondary market opportunities as economical commercial airliners.

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A Attendant’s seat
B Baggage 
BD Baggage door
G Galley
L Lavatory
P Passenger door (type I)
SD Service door (type I)
W Wardrobe

Corporate Conversions



Used CRJ200 aircraft are ideal for corporate conversions, offering a compelling mix of latest generation design, efficient fuel burn, and ultra large cabin size.

Operators can enjoy the luxury of an ultra large cabin aircraft with six-hour non-stop range, all for the capital and operating costs of a small to mid-size cabin business jet. A converted CRJ Series aircraft offers over 30% more usable cabin space than a comparable new super-large business jet while fuel burn and capital cost are up to 30% and 40% lower respectively.

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B   Baggage
D   Divan/Bed
G   Galley
Z   Credenza
C   Closet
F   Aux. Fuel
L Lavatory

* Layouts courtesy of Mjet, eJet & Aviation Concepts Inc. And Flying Colours Corp.
13 passengers
15 passengers
16 passengers

Package Freighter



Used CRJ100 and CRJ200 aircraft converted into Package Freighters (PF) provide airfreight operators the ability to meet demand for efficient freight transportation with a customized aircraft. This retrofit kit is available from Bombardier via STC from Cascade Aerospace.

The CRJ100PF and CRJ200PF are based on the most successful regional jet program in history, giving operators peace of mind - easy to staff and support.

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C Aft Cargo door
E Emergency Exits Deactivated
M Main Entry Door
S Service Door Deactivated
D Smoke detectors
L Cargo dome lights
N Vertical 9G nets
Z No load zone