Unrivalled Cost Efficiency

We do know what tomorrow will bring. Shareholders and customers want an expanded network, increased productivity, a robust balance sheet, and committed corporate citizenship. With significant reductions in fuel burn and cash operating costs, C Series aircraft owners can look forward to increased margins and excellent returns. The C Series aircraft's unmatched efficiencies, through significant reductions in fuel burn and operating costs, create superior economic advantages.

15% Cash Operating Cost Advantage


Economic Advantage: Cost Counts

The family offers a 15% cash operating cost advantage over in-production aircraft and over 10% operating cost advantage over re-engined aircraft. This unbeatable economic advantage has led to the lowest break-even load factor in its class.

Over 20% Fuel Burn Advantage


The price of fuel is today the single largest variable cost for operators. The C Series aircraft’s new airframe and engine technologies deliver over 20% fuel burn advantage over in-production aircraft in its class. The C Series aircraft consumes as little as 2 litres of fuel per 100 km per passenger*. 









* Equivalent to 118 miles per gallon (MPG) per passenger or 50 kilometres per litre (km/L) per passenger

Maintenance Cost Advantage


Effective Maintenance

The C Series provides more than 25% cost advantage on direct maintenance costs, thanks to its optimized maintenance program, higher maintenance intervals (850 hours for “A” checks and 8,500 hours for “C” checks), advanced systems integration and high technology engine design.